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GSF Seraphims Baxtalo (GCDHA) (ADHA)

Gunner is a five year old drum horse that is registered with the Gypsy Cob Drum Horse Association and the American Drum Horse Association. His father is none other than the famous imported Grand Gypsy Vanner Clononeen Guinness and his mother is a registered Clydesdale mare.





Iva Gotta Go (AQHA)

Star is our oldest mare.  She has Three Bars and Go Man Go lineage.  She is an ex-racehorse and retired rodeo all-around horse.


Escabars Delight (AQHA)


My Texas Star (Shire)

Star is a 16.2 hand bay Shire mare.

Reference Sires:

Above is Gunner's Sire the beautiful grand vanner Clononeen Guinness.

The wonderful gypsy stallion GSF Keebler is our drum horse Lucy's sire.